Workability Functional Capacity Evaluations

Back on Track Physical Therapy is very pleased to offer Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) here at our office via Workability PLC.

Functional Capacity Evaluations are used to assess a persons safe work capacity following an injury. They are requested by physicians, insurance companies, case managers, physical therapists, vocational rehab counsellors or lawyers.

This service provides residents of Rutland County with access to a specialty service provided by a leader in the provision of functional capacity testing. Workability is a Vermont business that has 11 test locations throughout the state.

Note that Functional Capacity Evaluations performed for workers compensation, motor vehicle and personal injuries will be performed at Back on Track in Rutland, while all other covered FCE’s, such as private insurance and social security disability, will be performed at the Workability main office in Burlington.

mark cMark Coleman is the owner of Workability, a Burlington based company that works with businesses, injured workers, insurance companies and lawyers throughout Vermont to address work related injuries. Mark gained his training as an occupational therapist in New Zealand. He is a registered and licensed therapist in Vermont with 25 years experience working in health care. Mark has specialized in the administering of Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) for the last 15 years. His evaluations have been successfully defended in court and his services are sought by both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

For more information:  Please contact Mark directly:

Workability PLC
Functional Capacity & Ergonomic Evaluations
208 Flynn Avenue, Suite 3D
Burlington, VT 05401